2D cutting with 6000 bar

What exactly do we mean with 6000 bar?

Normally cutting takes place with pressures adjustable from 0 to max. 3500 bar depending on the material type and thickness. But we go a step further, with a 2D cutter head adjustable between 0 - 6000 bar.

What are the influence on cutting speeds and material thicknesses and types?

  • The total cutting time is considerably reduced when a higher pressure (max. 6000 bar) is used as cutting can take place more quickly with no effect on quality.
  • Practically all materials can be cut.
  • Material thicknesses: steel to 400 mm, titanium to 300 mm.
  • Material cutting losses are low.

Applications for 6000 bar cutting:

  • for prototypes in thick and/or hard materials.
  • For single-piece orders in thicknesses greater than 20/30 mm
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